GASCO Background

About us!

GASCO United Limited is a privately owned company incorporated under the Companies Act Cap.110 of the laws of Uganda in the year 2000. The Company is licensed to procure and market a full range of petroleum products in Uganda as well as for export to the neighbouring Great Lakes region. The main focus being the upstream wholesale petroleum business where the majority of its revenue is derived.  The company has successfully established itself and looking forward to participating and assisting in Uganda’s economic growth. The company has registered and designed its own GASCO lubricants brand to enable grow its petroleum market share in Uganda.

GASCO Lubricants & SpecialtiesGASCO is one of the leading marketers of petroleum products in Uganda. Its specialty line of business includes technology led and premium GASCO Lubricants and Bituminous products. GASCO offers automotive and industrial lubricants. In understanding your company machinery and with our commitment in building a strong business relationship with you, we have established the various grades of lubricants that you require.

Product Quality

GASCO United Ltd undertakes to always ensure high quality of our products; the lubricants meet API and ISO specifications. Products will always meet the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) in all material aspects. Technical Data Sheets (TDS) of the Lubricants are attached.

Our supply experienceGASCO United Ltd is currently supplying its lubricants to several sectors in Uganda that included and not limited to; Construction, Manufacturing industries, Transport, Retail distributors, beverages industries, Stone Crushers, Government Agencies (CAA, KCCA, and UNRA & UWA), NGOs and MoWT.

 Source of Supply

GASCO brand is a premium range of Lubricants formulated by Gulf Petroleum under the guidance and blending through GULF PETROCHEM FZC, UAE and the SIDDHARTH PETRO PRODUCTS India.


GASCO United Ltd will provide you with among others; Lubricants service training, site Lubricants handling and storage training to your mechanics at FREE cost and will carry out lubricants factory survey and OEM lubricants identification on request. Our response time on the above and delivery of Lubricants is within 24hrs upon order confirmation.

GASCO Philosophy
Company Objectives

The objectives of the company are to engage in an efficient, responsible and profitable business and be a total energy solution provider in the great lakes region.


To be the most competitive, efficient, reliable and personalized supplier of petroleum products that satisfies our customers’ needs while maximizing on returns to shareholders and employees.


To become a total energy solutions provider in the great lakes region.

Co-operate Values

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Team Spirit
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Customer focus


The Company’s strategy is to operate professionally with the aim of achieving the following:

To develop and maintain a high standard of service to the Company’s customers as well as to ensure supply and delivery of quality products while supplying value for money. To continuously improve efficiency and productivity.

To generate and maintain a sustainable cash flow from the operations and post acceptable and consistent returns on investment for the shareholders so as to achieve investor confidence.

To ensure that overheads are contained and a low cost base maintained without compromising the quality of services to the Company’s customers.

To encourage innovation and creativity by all employee’s.

To conduct business as a responsible corporate member of the society, abiding by the laws and regulations of the country.

GASCO Corporate Culture

GASCO corporate culture is based on promoting an environment of trust, hard work, teamwork, objectivity, effective and timely execution, and openness.

The company is committed to delivering value added products and services through continuous creativity and innovation. Realising that creativity flourishes in a tranquil environment, the company’s culture corporate promotes system, process and product innovation at levels of the company and rewards radicals.

GASCO emphasises the kind of openness where people act without regard to status or functional loyalty and also look for ideas from anywhere (boundarylessness).

GASCO’ business systems, processes, products and services delivery are bound by the discipline of timely and effective execution. Therefore GASCO strategies and leadership are focused on optimising the company’s resources utilisation and productivity.

The company is, therefore, committed to maintaining a well-motivated, competent, courteous, trustworthy, and professional team that is well equipped.

GASCO is an equal opportunity employer that harnesses a multinational and multi-cultural gene pool. GASCO places a premium on training and skills enhancement programs, specific career development schemes and the nurturing of vertical potential.

GASCO Products and Services

In line with the company’s strategy to diversify product range in the region, GASCO products portfolio has grown to include; GASCO lubricants, Bitumen, FUEL, and TYRES.

GASCO Diversification

The company recognises that diversification, business integration, critical mass realisation, and risk mitigation are crucial for long term business survival.  Consequently, the long term business survival factors are core integral parts of GASCO’ business growth strategy and plan in respect to: activity, market and product.

Conscious of the fact that going global is not a matter of choice but a matter of survival, GASCO is poised to protect, extend and diversify its business in Eastern and Central Africa and penetrate new markets in the rest of Africa using existing products and services through transfer of acquired competencies.

It is the cherished hope of GASCO leadership that its achievements will inspire other African enterprises to realise that it does not cost more to become world class.

GASCO Corporate Social Responsibility

While realising that its primary objective is to create value for all its stakeholders, the company owes a duty to its customers and stakeholders by ensuring consistent delivery of premium quality products and services, without compromising safety and protection of the environment.

Our commitment to Health, Safety and Environment is portrayed in GASCO business purpose and premised on practising accepted health, safety, environment and security best practices.

We undertake to implement and maintain an integrated quality management system that will conform to the requirements of internationally recognized HSE standards. To ensure effective implementation of management systems, we undertake to communicate and evaluate its effectiveness at all levels in the organization.

Our Goals Are Stated As:
No Accidents,
No Harm to People, And
No Damage to the Environment.

As a responsible corporate citizen, GASCO is committed to contribute towards development of society through participating in community programmes and projects independently or jointly with its business partners as a way of giving back to society. GASCO has been involved in promotion of sport (refer GASCO Sponsorships) and other social activities in the region.

The company acknowledges that it is a social duty and a legal obligation to pay taxes as a contribution to social-economic development.  On the whole the company recognises that it is a responsible member of the community and wishes to live and grow in harmony with the environment in which it operates. GASCO shall therefore always endeavour to minimize any potential ecological footprint during all its business operations.

GASCO HIV/AIDS and Malaria Policy

As a responsible corporate, GASCO is committed to participate in the fight against HIV/AIDS and Malaria through GASCO HIV/AIDS AND MALARIA POLICY. The purpose of the policy is to provide clarity on GASCO’ views and commitments with regard to HIV/AIDS and Malaria, and the comprehensive prevention of the two killer diseases as well as management of HIV positive employees and employees living with AIDS. The Policy is also aimed at focusing on aspects of HIV/AIDS and Malaria which, if not carefully addressed, may impact negatively on GASCO’ business and/or the well being of its employees. GASCO recognizes the seriousness and implications of HIV/AIDS and Malaria for the individual employee, as well as co-workers of affected individuals.

GASCO Development Projects

Seeta Filling Station under construction.

Contact Us

Physical Address: Plot 3 Rubaga Place
(Next to Jaguar bus Terminal)

Postal Address:      P.O Box 9152, Kampala, Uganda

Phone:                        +256 (0471) 660624
+256 (0752) 952995
+256 (0755) 855634
+256 (0392) 904916



GASCO Business Partners

GASCO has continued to develop business partnerships with world-class companies (refer to a list of GASCO business partners below) which is consistent with the company’s medium term objective of becoming a world-class integrated downstream oil company. GASCO aims to achieve about a 5% share of Eastern Africa oil market and annual turnover of not less than US 10 million by 2020.


Partner:                                                        : Corresponding Sector:

GULF PETROCHEM                                    : Lubricant blending

SIDDHARTH PETRO PRODUCTS            : Lubricant blending

Standard Chartered Bank                             : Banking and Financial Services

Diamond Trust Bank                                      : Banking and Finance Services

Bank of Africa                                                   : Banking and Financial Services

Oryx Uganda Ltd                                              : Oil & Fuel trading partner

Shandong Wide Tire Co., Ltd                         : Tyre trading partner

Valiant LCC                                                        : Tyre trading partner

STABEX INTERNATIONAL                          : Fuel trading partner

SOMO TRANSPORTERS                                : Fuel Transporter

AINUSHAMSI ENERGY (U) LTD                : Fuel Trading partner