While realising that its primary objective is to create value for all its stakeholders, the company owes a duty to its customers and stakeholders by ensuring consistent delivery of premium quality products and services, without compromising safety and protection of the environment.

Our commitment to Health, Safety and Environment is portrayed in GASCO business purpose and premised on practising accepted health, safety, environment and security best practices.

We undertake to implement and maintain an integrated quality management system that will conform to the requirements of internationally recognized HSE standards. To ensure effective implementation of management systems, we undertake to communicate and evaluate its effectiveness at all levels in the organization.

Our Goals Are Stated As:

No Accidents,

No Harm to People, And

No Damage to the Environment.


As a responsible corporate citizen, GASCO is committed to contribute towards development of society through participating in community programmes and projects independently or jointly with its business partners as a way of giving back to society. GASCO has been involved in promotion of sport (refer GASCO Sponsorships) and other social activities in the region.

The company acknowledges that it is a social duty and a legal obligation to pay taxes as a contribution to social-economic development.  On the whole the company recognises that it is a responsible member of the community and wishes to live and grow in harmony with the environment in which it operates. GASCO shall therefore always endeavour to minimize any potential ecological footprint during all its business operations.